Bush Regeneration

Horticultural Management Services is committed to the protection and preservation of our unique and specialised vegetation committees. However should bush regeneration and rehabilitation be required, our experience and qualified staff are able to assist you. Our bush regeneration techniques focus on the level of site disturbance, level of weed infestation and control required, replanting and establishment of local povenance plant material to ensure the pants have the best chance for survival based upon specific vegetation committees, soil types, and weather patterns.

We also offer vegetation management plans, ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and quarterly reporting for government authorities should as necessary.

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Landscape Design & Project Management

Horticultural Management Services project managers offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in preparing and managing your individual landscaping requirements, from that lush tropical resort pool you have always wanted, to the delivery of community cycleways. Horticultural Management Services have established a strong professional tradition in the art of both soft and hard landscape design and construction.

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Root Investigation

Horticultural Management Services is able to undertake root investigation and mapping for your project.

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What not to do

Don’t get caught out with cost blowouts, downtime, project redesigns, or expensive fines and legal battles with councils due to poor tree management. The efficient provision of tree management services offered by our qualified staff means reduced ongoing costs and worry free delivery of your project through consultation with architects and project managers from pre-development assessments to development application lodgement, to monitoring. Our company structure is designed to accomodate direct and clear communication between the client, project design team, construction staff, and local council town planner or certifier.

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