Pre Development Application or Land Purchase Inspections

This service assists our customers by providing them with an overview of what trees and vegetation is located on their individual site. We advise what is the health and condition of sites trees, potential building designs or limitations based upon the specific tree species.

We advise of the potential Tree Protection Zone and Structural Root Zones based on AS 4970-2009 Protection of trees on development sites, to ensure you understand your sites potential constraints.

This service can add value to you the client through saving time on developing concepts, budgeting and setbacks which will improve the “sale ability” of your project.

This information is invaluable as quality tree retention/preservation and conservation is often difficult to achieve on a development site where there are competing interests.

It has been shown that the best results are achieved when arborists are involved from the planning and discussion phase right through to the implementation stages and beyond, to the post construction “after care” stage.

General tree health, condition, height and form

Structural integrity/stability of tree specimens

The trees tolerance to development impacts based on site observations

Observations made including an evaluation of the tree's health

Amenity value - as shade, windbreak etc or subjective, aesthetic values

Observations of soil conditions and likely root spread

Safe Useful Life Expectancy (SULE) after Barrell (1995)

Species identification (botanical and common)

Impacts of surrounding infrastructure

AS 4970-2009 Protection of trees on development sites

Significance - specific heritage, cultural or intrinsic importance

Habitat value - both as an individual tree and as part of an ecological community

Hazard/failure potential of tree