Tree Removal

Unfortunately there are a number of reasons why sometimes we need to remove a tree they need to be, such as:

• The Tree is dead or in poor health/decline,
• The Tree has too rot, termite damage or fungi and is becoming unstable
• The tree is damaging structures, buildings, services and or paved areas.
• The tree is obstructing a new proposed development
• The tree is dropping large branches or is perceived as hazardous.
• Often, large seemingly hazardous tree specimens can be managed by qualified and experienced arborists without the need to remove the tree.

In Summary, ensure you contact a qualified, experience and insured tree removal firm. This will above all ensure your own piece of mind your dealing with professionals.

Why Choose a Qualified Arborist?

By providing qualified Arborist reports, Horticultural Management Services can deliver a range of services including but not limited to:

Recommended best practices regarding tree retention, management and likely future potential issues

Liase with relevant Council to ensure all legal and environmental regulations are compliant and adhered to

Providing annual tree inspections and audits for insurance and or potential liability issues

Educating clients regarding the trees health, conditios and structural condition of the tree and or maintenance requirements

Provide reports to discuss - removal, hazard potential or structural faults, and long term management of trees within Open Space areas, residential and commerical developments